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Stephanie Guedalia is an American-Israeli singer, songwriter, actor, director, artist, and writer. She is the guitarist, lyricist, and co-founder of the band Squidssidy (pronounced Squid City). Stephanie is known for her frequent performances as “Steve the Young Squid”, an emotionally disturbed clown who attempts to process her emotions through improvised infomercials. Additionally, buzz has been spreading about her ongoing Turd Wave Feminist series exploring the slight difference in frame, between the lusty female body, and the disgusting one. July 2017 is the release date of the long awaited Web Series entitled Damaged Goods co-created with Allegra Leal. The series will explore the lives of Stephanie and Allegra as two girls living in with severe mental illness “just trying to have normal people problems” For more information visit Feel free to join the mailing list or follow any of the STEVPHE social media pages. All are updated regularly. For interviews please contact

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“Is nudity empowering?” Listen to stevphe’s thoughts on sex work, patriarchy, and sexual agency. 

Read the Article in Bushwick Daily

Stevphe talks to Miriam Mosher of the Bushwick Daily about going from growing up Jewish Modern Orthodox to her work as a multimodal artist and art model.

Read the Article in Forward

In this article by Ari Feldman, Stevphe discusses her relationship with and separation from orthodox judaism.

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Interview at 2:15

Listen to stevphe talk about losing her virginity, taxis, and her recent relationship epiphany! with her good ‘ol friends Wilson and Sami.