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Stephanie’s work has been featured in COSMOPOLITAN, BUST Magazine, The PIT, OTION FRONT, the skint, and the Bushwick Daily. She is a storyteller who explores mental illness, isolation, female sexual agency, and the queer Jewish-American experience through a wide variety of platforms including performance, music and the written word. Her odd comedy elicits uncomfortable laughter to remind us of the connectedness we all share even in our most personal, private, and secret hours. Catch her at her recurring performances: in Squidssidy at Pairs n’ Pears, Clounterculture at Circus of Dreams, and her Monthly Mini Musical at On the Fritz

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This Performance Artist Gets Naked To Challenge Ideas Of Consent And Redefine What Nudity Means

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“Is nudity empowering?” Listen to stevphe’s thoughts on sex work, patriarchy, and sexual agency. 

Read the Article in Bushwick Daily

Stevphe talks to Miriam Mosher of the Bushwick Daily about going from growing up Jewish Modern Orthodox to her work as a multimodal artist and art model.

Read the Article in Forward

In this article by Ari Feldman, Stevphe discusses her relationship with and separation from orthodox judaism.

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Interview at 2:15

Listen to stevphe talk about losing her virginity, taxis, and her recent relationship epiphany! with her good ‘ol friends Wilson and Sami.